flashlab drone in goa

Three, Two, One TAKE OFF..!

Aerial Photography & Videography is a relatively new concept, but not to Flashlab Studio.


Cover the best wide shots with the best drones in the market, picking out the beauty in the best landscapes.


Although, there is a lot of ground work for events. It is in Flashlab's best interest to add depth by the use of drones.


Advertise your restaurant or bar, cafes, construction sites with the best visual pictures captured by Flashlab drones.


Create scenic moods for your films, creating an impact for your audience.

Music Videos

Music Videos are the most trending videos broadcasted over a chain of networks. Add drone shots to amplify your visual presence.


The use of aerial footage in branding is an important aspect as it covers all unseen ground that wouldn't be possible otherwise! Do it in a flash!

Aerial Portfolio

Flashlab Studio covers aerial photography and videography with the use of Phantom IV & DJI Mavic Air.  Have a look at our work!

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