Not sure how to get your business registered? No problem! Flashlab will take the load off your shoulders & seek the ideal registration.

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A trademark is an important step to sealing uniquity of your company's product or service. Get your trademark registered with Flashlab!

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Don't let all your hard work go down the drain! Secure your ideas through Copyright with Flashlab!

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Business Solutions

What We Provide
We provide a range of business solutions that are essential for your company's performance & success rate.

Flashlab learns & understands your company's objectives in order to fulfill the right registration. The right registration gives you the lift to move forward.

Flashlab seeks & analyses your business's USP, products/services & secure those ideas & rights through the Copyright Law.

We create the perfect business presentation in order to poach & secure the right investors.


We provide in house counsel on matters that concern business plans, business development & business models that are vital towards growth of your business.


Investor Plan


Flashlab analyses and selects the most effective costs & puts it forward through a impactful presentation required to gain the right funding from potential investors.

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Business Plans

Flashlab analyses and understands your business' long terms goals in order to create investor plans which are essential to poach potential investors.


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Flashlab creates a well designed roadmap which depicts the direction towards where your company is heading through its idealistic strategies & realistic goals.


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