graphic design

We develop effective & bold graphic design ideas that get the word out about your product, services or business. Our Focus is always convey a message that defines our client in a graphical design. Our designs are simple, minimal and right to the point. We ensure that service we provide is both intelligently conceived and beautifully executed. Flashlab is run by Ankith Kedar, a designer since school and college with about a decade long experience with graphic, web design and expansive technical knowledge. We undertake services from print to websites, marketing to advertising, portfolio's and proposals to make sure your visual idea will shine, displaying restraint and minimal style.

Graphic Design

Simple, Minimal and straight to the point creative designs that make sure your visual idea shines in the best possible way.

Web Design

We design responsive and faster loading websites with email hosting and SEO services for clients to reach out to their customers.

Creative Projects

We design creative, professional & high quality portfolios, profiles that serve as a major asset for any organisation or a individual.