What is a Investor Plan?

An Investor Plan is a presentation of your company's business & the potential it can reach. An investor plan effectively allows you to poach potential investors.

Convince Those Who Matter

Flashlab investor plans allow you to provide an effective presentation to bank executives, investors etc. to showcase the potential of your business.

Equity Funding

No knowledge about funding? No problem. Flashlab will deliver a powerful presentation to work around your funding.

Build the Roadmap

Flashlab investor plans design a roadmap that show the level of potential and the goal of a start-up conveying the right message to investors.

Advantages of A Investor Plan?

An investor plan allows you to organise your work effectively and help portray it in the best possible way with realistic goals to bankers, partners, employees, investors etc.

What will the Plan Contain?

Elevator Pitch
Market Analysis
Unique Selling Proposition
Business Model
Go-to-market strategy
Current Traction
Founding Team


Next Steps...

Don't sweat it out, Flashlab will design the essential investor plan for you today!