Video Editing

A team of professional video editors are the highest caliber operate at the Flashlab Film Studio that delivers the best end product.

Colour Grading

Color Grading is one of the most critical aspects when in filmmaking as it affects the mood of the scene. Flashlab sets the mood for that scene!

FX & Animation

Placing the right effect/ animation requires precision & a skill of finishing to create the right impact. Flashlab Studio is well equipped!

Green Screen

Flashlab Creative secures the proper use of green screen with a well lit subject & no shadows for chroma key compositing video films.

Creative Storyline

Turning new & imaginative ideas into reality through a creative storyline is a major skill set that Flashlab Studio possesses.

3D Graphics

Flashlab uses 3D graphics to get the best out of visual effects for a film intro for a commercial ad. We like to keep it bright and flashy!

Industry Standard

Flashlab Studios only deliver quality & professional products adhering to industry standard.

Out of the box

Flashlab Studios are always working around the clock for out of the box ideas helping your video stand out.

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