Why Register your Trademark?

A trademark is a unique representation of your company's product or services standing out from the crowd. Trademarks give you exclusive rights for disposal under selected categories.

Steps to Register a Trademark

Trademark Search

Flashlab will provide a thorough search through the Trademark Directory to find the secure the best available options.

Final Application

Once the documents are in place, Flashlab will file the forms with the Registrar making the process 99% complete.

Authorisation Letter Drafting

Flashlab requires an authorisation letter in order for us to file the application on your behalf.

Regular Updates

Flashlab will provide regular updates on the registration process until the completion.

Discussion on Class

Flashlab will provide expert advise on the selected classes to apply under giving you exclusive rights.

6 Essential Facts on Trademark

  1. What is a trademark?

    A trademark is a unique expression of your company, it could be a word, phrase, symbol or design which distinguishes your company from other.

  2. Who owns a trademark?

    The rights of a trademark are owned by you. A trademark grants you commercial rights to sell your brand under selected categories.

  3. Is my trademark available?

    If you have a certain brand name, logo or slogan, Flashlab will check for its availability and trademark it for you.

  4. What if the trademark is taken?

    If the trademark is taken, Flashlab will design a Logo Composite Mark and apply as one.

  5. What do I need to provide?

    Flashlab requires an authorisation letter allowing us to apply for your trademark. Soon after, we file your documents and an instant confirmation is received.

  6. How long does it take?

    After the registration application is done, the government takes 18-24 months to deliver the confirmed registration for your trademark.

Next Steps...

Go ahead, take the leap, let's get it trademarked!