Solutions for Startups


A private limited company registration, for example, would be a good fit for any venture that will look for funding at a later stage.


Copyright Registration grants an individual owner rights to copy or reproduce their work or grant permission to another.


A trademark is a unique representation of your company's product or services standing out from the crowd. Trademarks give you exclusive rights for disposal under selected categories.

Investor Plan

An Investor Plan is a presentation of your company's business & the potential it can reach. An investor plan effectively allows you to poach potential investors.


We provide in house counsel on matters that concern business plans, business development & business models that are vital towards growth of your business.

Flashlab make a company maintain a positive face to the consumers in the market and ensure that growth only comes at successive rate.

We provide advertising services across all platforms for all your needs. Be it traditional print advertising to digital advertising.


We provide a range of business solutions that are essential for your company's performance & success rate.


Flashlab branding can help build your reputation & make you stand out from your competition.


Perfection is reached by strategically placing content across various social media platforms to ensure widespread.



We have client and database management packages for business who constantly like to keep in touch with their clients and keeping them updated.

Internet Presence

Basic necessities to have a face on the internet containing of a home page, about us & contact page.

SMS Marketing

With SMS marketing, you are consistently reaching out and making contact with your customers, and ensuring that their customer experience is positive and ongoing.


Influencer marketing is one of the trending form of marketing. It's more like an ad by a popular figure on social media that create high-impact conversations with customers about your brand, products or services.


The marketing and promotion of your service or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. i.e, advertising mediums which might be used as part of the digital marketing strategy of a organisation which include marketing efforts made via social media, internet mobile phones and other mediums.

Social Media

Grow your audience on different social media channels. We take care of A to Z planning, execution, and optimization of custom-made social media strategy for you. Social media is a hungry beast and you will need to feed it content consistently. Keeping it consistent and getting you the right kind of content is exactly where we got you covered. Our campaign managers will make sure of it.


Our SMO Team consists of youthful social media specialists whose work maps are designed to gain the maximum effect on major social media platforms..


Flashlab strategically follows a set of SEO standards that comply & set the highest ranking for your business on popular search engines. .


Flashlab Creative Digital Ads are highly effective advertisments creating awareness on the internet through strategic content planning and targeted audience.


Graphic Design

We at Flashlab design unique, creative, attractive and out of the box designs tailored to the brand. From posters & flyers to websites and billboards.

Web Design

We design responsive and faster loading websites with email hosting and SEO services for clients to reach out to their customers.

Portfolio Design

Simple, Minimal and straight to the point creative designs that make sure your visual idea shines in the best possible way.

Print Media

We design anything you can imagine – from design guidelines to packaging. With a great understanding of the value of packaging, we see it as an opportunity to build brand value. From food and beverages to business, we create strategic brand identities that communicate, educate, inspire and grab one’s attention.


We develop effective & bold graphic design ideas that get the word out about your product, services or business. Our Focus is always convey a message that defines our client in a graphical design. Our designs are simple, minimal and right to the point.

We ensure that service we provide is both intelligently conceived and beautifully executed. Flashlab is run by Ankith Kedar, a designer since school and college with about a decade long experience with graphic, web design and expansive technical knowledge.

We undertake services from print to websites, marketing to advertising, portfolio’s and proposals to make sure your visual idea will shine, displaying restraint and minimal style.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

While starting a new business, setting in places brand identity can be a tricky one. This is where we can help you. We aim to deliver high-quality design and create a unique brand identity. Here at Growth Gravy we use the power of branding that includes strategy, visual and verbal identity to help brands uniquely stand out from the crowd. Making them more memorable, and easier to understand. Whether it’s a new identity or the revamping of an existing one, we have the experience and expertise to help a company develop a strong brand identity that in turn strengthens their business.

Post Production

Once the film/video is shot and production is wrapped, you can finally relax. Just kidding. It’s Post-Production time. Here’s where the real magic happens, this process involves a slew of professionals — editors, sound engineers, foley artists, colorists, and more. Starting with picture editing to adding crazy transitions and animations. team strives to create compelling and effective videos. Built with the experience of our editors digital artists, writers and animators who know how to get the job done, keeping in mind the budget.


Companies establish a lasting visual impact on their target audience with an animated logo. When the logo is animated it brings out the unique image of the organization.

Animations can be used in events, seminars, exhibitions, launches, large display screens on hoardings or malls. The logo animation should go hand in hand with your brand so as to communicate your image and values persuasively. Understanding the thought process and idea behind the logo and producing the animation accordingly needs skill, expertise and deep comprehension of branding.

Motion Graphics/ Motion posters

We have a bunch of crazy animators, creative explorers – addicted to inspiration, motion and beautiful designs. We love and live for conceptualizing and producing exceptional animations and art. Move out of the boring slide shows and experience the world of animation, Where we bring a whole different side of creative marketing. We call it a simple way to explain complicated things. An extraordinarily talented in-house team of visual artists and designers ready to bring your story to life with bespoke illustrations, animations, and infographics.

Start Project

Flashlab Creative ensure that service we provide is both intelligently conceived and beautifully executed.


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