Graphic Design

At Flashlab, every graphic design is incomplete if it lacks creativity. Hence, at Flashlab we’ve never had an incomplete design. Our designs are minimal, on-point and conveys the message what you need to deliver.

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Web Design

Web Elements are essential for communication to the desired audience. Flashlab blends creativity & marketing, tailoring to your business essentials. Websites that are responsive and created according to your brand style.

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Video & Ad Films

We create the best of genre specific videos & ad films catering to the product/service’s requirements grabbing selected audience & maintaining professionalism. Plus, it’s the best way to tell a story!

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Photography Banner

Brand Identity

We analyse and create a plan that suits a business depending on it's style and industry to give it the best impression on digital as well as offline world.

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An essential part of film production, Flashlab professionally takes up sound mixing, editing, special effects & color grading.

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An effective method in digital advertising where traffic is diverted to a website through the click of a button or within a flash!

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Many founders are confused about what kind of entity to register when they start their business. Ask us and we'd make the discussion much simpler.

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A trademark is a unique representation of your company's product or services standing out from the crowd. Trademarks give you exclusive rights for disposal under selected categories.

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Copyright Registration grants an individual owner rights to copy or reproduce their work or grant permission to another. Good idea to copyright maybe?

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Digital Marketing

Perfection is reached by strategically placing content across various social media platforms to ensure widespread & at the same time you can enjoy a higher position from search engines as well as have desired traffic reaching your website.

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Portfolio Shoots

It is in our design system to capture the correct shots required for a standard/high profile professional portfolio that grabs the eye of the desired audience. We use the latest techniques and equipment that keeps us updated from the rest.

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All within a flash! Our team of photographers are highly trained and skilled professionals covering all major fields such as weddings, modern day events, festivals, artists etc. Not to forget the pros being creativity and coverage.

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We provide creative content and the required marketing services that are essential for each stage of online marketing grabbing potential customers, interacting with them and converting them into traffic, customers & sales.

A Little more for the eyes!

Project & Portfolio Design

You know it! We’ll understand it and we’ll make the best of it to ensure that it isn’t just a looker but it also delivers success!

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Traditional & Digital Advertising

We advertise according to the beat and execute all of it creatively, strategically & it’s all done at the blink of an eye!

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Overseas Outsourcing

At Flashlab, we aren’t limited by borders. Our services and market expands beyond physical limitations.

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